About The FXL Project

The FXL Project

The Flexible XML-based Languages (FXL) Project combines the ideas behind the XML-based Approach (xApproach) with the challenges in today’s software phases (development, run-time, maintenance, etc.). It’s basic goals are:
– definition/implementation of xApproach’s fundamental principles (e.g. concerning the XML-based language representations, the creation of specific language converters, the development of flexible transformation languages based on xQuery and XSLT, the realization of variation points and templates, etc.)
– flexible support of domain specific views including e.g. the creation of service-oriented languages, customization of languages and XML-based language transfer
– definition and practical realization of use cases with the help of our industrial partners
– development of basic GUI Tools (e.g. the FXL Editor)
The FXL Project currently consists of the following sub-parts, each focused on a specific aspect:
● FXL Core Framework – a reference implementation for all fundamental principles (xBuild processes, pipeline execution, TL1.0, etc.)
● FXL Editor – a GUI tool on top of the FXL Core Framework providing a visual interface to all core features
● Languages – a domain specific language collection including SLL1.1 and TL1.0
Further information about all parts and a short introduction can be found here.
Features of the Current Release
The current FXL Eclipse Plugin v1.2.5 Release includes the reference implementation of the FXL Core Framework and a FXL Editor implementation. The FXL Editor has the following features:
– ANTLR grammar integration
– basic Java project support (compilation, execution, xBuild, etc.)
– xViews (Lang, xLang), Transformation Libraries (including predefined XLST, Merging, etc. processes)
– visual XML Pipeline Editor (modification, execution, etc.)
– SLL1.1 and TL1.0 support
You can download the current release via the download site.
License Information
The FXL Release is available in source code and binary form. All packages are made available under the Apache License.
The FXL Project is closely related to my doctoral thesis and contributes to the validation of the fundamental aspects of my actual research work. All questions, bugs or helpful suggestions are highly welcome and can be sent to christian.reichel@fxl-project.com. Please feel free to contact me.